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therapy for the savages' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
therapy for the savages

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Black Zodiac: First Born Son (2/2) [25 Feb 2010|11:00am]


First Born Son

Name: Seth Sommers
Gender: Male
Primary M.O.: Blunt force trauma
Secondary M. O.: Live burial, Fall from elevation, Asphyxia - smothering
Status: Alive

(First Born Son 2)
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Black Zodiac: First Born Son (1/2) [25 Feb 2010|10:57am]


First Born Son

Name: Seth Sommers
Gender: Male
Primary M.O.: Blunt force trauma
Secondary M. O.: Live burial, Fall from elevation, Asphyxia - smothering
Status: Alive

(First Born Son 1)
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Torn Prince [24 Feb 2010|02:25pm]

I watched this movie called 13 Ghosts the other day, and in it there is an Arcanum, a book written by a man called Basilius, who was possessed by the Devil when he wrote it. He describes in it how to open the Ocularis Infernum (Eye of Hell) in the Arcanum. To do it, you need 13 spirits of various descriptions - the First Born Son, the Torso, the Bound Woman, the Withered Lover, the Broken Heart, the Torn Prince, the Angry Princess, the Pilgrimess, the Dire Child and Great Mother, the Hammer, the Jackal, and the Juggernaut. In the movie the ghosts have their own backstories, which you can find here and here. Why the Hell would someone want to open the Eye of Hell, you ask? To see the future, of course.

After watching it I was trying to sleep, thinking what a wonderful concept this Black Zodiac was, and I thought, why not write another series, but instead of ghosts, why not serial killers? And then I started to get ideas. Loads of ideas. To date I've got ideas and concepts for almost all the zodiac besides the Broken Heart and the Hammer.

So far I have the Torn Prince and First Born Son. Here is the Torn Prince, for the time being. The First Born Son will soon follow.

(PS. Shouldn't I put this behind an LJ cut? It's quite long. I know the rules say no.)

Torn Prince

Name: Johnny/Jack B. Goode
Gender: Male
M.O.: Torture, Evisceration
Status: Institutionalized

Psychiatrist's Notes:

2/8/06, 2pm. St. Uphir's Institute of Mental Health.
Patient reports that "Jack" still communicating with him. Angrily asked nurse to remove mirror in his room. Insisted staff "get him out of here". Recent history: Nurse reported patient smashing mirror belonging to her. While in day room, patient grabbed mirror from nurse, hurled it across the room. Rushed out of day room cursing. When questioned, stated "he was laughing at me." Personal history: childhood physical and mental abuse. Mother left at early age. Father only caregiver, killed when patient was 14, police suspect during burglary of the house. Placed in foster care, left aged 18. Mental Status Exam: alert & oriented x3. Generally agitated throughout session. Hesitant speech. A/V hallucinations, delusions, paranoia persisting. Thought process disorganized. Axis I: schizophrenia. Increase chlorpromazine dosage, refer to Dr. Delbruck for medication evaluation. Next session, 2/15/06 at 3pm - explore mirror incident further. Staff to remove mirrors in vicinity of patient. A. B. Normal, M.D. 

(Torn Prince)
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Buddhism, especially Zen, and BDSM [25 Jul 2008|10:44am]

Elseforum, (http://spiritualbdsm.tribe.net/thread/9c78c5f9-a00d-4e93-8675-27cea8544d21), I was asked about the connection between tantra and bdsm. What follows is my response. Read more...Collapse )
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[23 Jul 2006|11:22pm]

BDSM Play for Abuse Survivors with Chris

Start Time: 8:00 PM

Wednesday July 26, 8-10 pm (doors open at 7:30)

At the Citadel in San Francisco http://sfcitadel.org

Some people say that kinky folks were all abused as children and that's what makes us kinky. For some of us this may be true, but for most of us it probably isn't. Nonetheless, the BDSM scene tends to attract its share of abuse survivors, be it from childhood or as adults, physical, sexual or emotional. Strangely, many of these things are also some of BDSM's hottest fantasies.

All this begs the question: Are there safe and unsafe ways to play with abuse survivors? Are there things you should watch out for specifically is you are an abuse survivor yourself? We'll be exploring at least these questions and any others you bring with you for this class. $20.00 per person.

Since his introduction to the scene over 14 years ago, Chris has worked with leather faeries, studied and practiced ritual, tantric and shamanic SM and held a series of group ritual events. He is a certified practitioner of Neuron-Linguistic Programming (NLP), has held certifications as a hypnotherapist, and is an ordained minister. Chris has been a trained sex educator for over a decade.

Admission: $20
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Psychopathy/Sociopathy... [10 Dec 2005|07:54pm]


Discussion of psychopaths/sociopaths (particularly, but not limited to, criminal psychopaths).
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[16 May 2005|09:23am]

Help out a horror hag, and ya know.... you might find some cool shit along the way. <3

*scampers off to x-post like a whore!!!*
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The Children are Bored [05 Nov 2004|02:14pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Bless me with gasoline,
"More" I scream
set fire upon the words
and skin of your dreams
the priest counts his blessings
and said to me
"I love when I pain you,
I love when I chain you,
I love when you blood drips slow and
when I can contain you"
Take me away to the river
of cheap thrills
where only the nuns smoke cigars
and the blood of the living power the mills
Take me to the place
the dark in the light
and the prison for the free
Where knives twist up your skin
right below the belt of chasity
Paper thin walls hear nothing
but the red mannequins that leech
Nightly shadows begin to crawl and creep
across the blood-infested beach
So peel your eyelids back
and leave your bloodprints at the door
Dont drag any decayings anywhere
Because I just
fucking mopped the floor.

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[14 Jul 2004|03:59pm]

I feel completely disconnected from everyone I come into contact with.
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[11 Jun 2004|02:00am]

hi, i'm new my name is Lit, i'm very interested in forensics, the mind frame of murders, the way they think and act,
i love documentarys and different psych. disoreders

feel free to add me or i.m me endsintragedy.aol

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[05 Feb 2004|03:00pm]

Not one word on Mr. Ridgeway's arrest, the possible solving of the Green River murders, nothing on the Pickton trial and the suspected 70 or more women he killed?

Has our own forum met the knife recently?
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Im new [18 Dec 2003|02:46pm]

Hi hi hi there. I linked this site from andrei chikatilo I think. Well, I am a fan of killers, and it is nice to see a group full of them.
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[02 Oct 2003|07:27am]

Curious, did anyone else see the Biography on A&E on Jeffrey Dahmer last night?
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[31 May 2003|11:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]

..i'd have to say a certain serial killer that has sparked my sympathy is albert deslavo..while i was reading "the boston strangler", i have to admit at first i was hypnotized and almost disgusted, by the details of the murders, but by the end of the book, i felt this overwhelming sympathy for him..after reading all his interogations, and reading what HE went through, why he did the things he did, it's so sad..it makes you wanna be his friend, or some kind of comfort to him...i mean if anyone in this commmunity has read a well written biography on him, i'm sure they'd feel the same..it's hard to articulate..

by the way i'm new hello. :)

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Bestial, but coordinated for normalcy. [29 May 2003|04:16am]

Wondering, out loud, why I am separate from anyone? "Monsters." With my tongue in cheek, I can ascertain the obvious: I don't murder. Not in the physical sense, at least, but I have killed: I have maimed egos, crushed hearts, and caused the occasional tears. I have been sociopathic for short bursts, wanting nothing more to [hurt] for my own pleasure, my own need. Each of us, at one time or another, wants to hurt another human being- wants to stab with the word knife, plunge it deep and twist, for whatever reason.

We are normal.

A man strangles a woman, hurts her, and it is all for his own pleasure.

He is abnormal.

Maybe I am alarming, but the line is thin. I won't continue onward, but leave it open for discussion. What do you think? I'll go on later.
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[26 Mar 2003|05:37pm]

With the entire news world being in Shock and Awe, there's not much other news comig through. I have heard though, that Los Angeles has a new Serial Killer in their neighborhoods, who has (I believe) five co-ed victims thus far.

Has anyone any information on what's going on in the LA area? Any news-hounds following the story have any theories on it?
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Kill the Lights [06 Mar 2003|10:38am]

Man's crime is truth. The truth is a blunt instrument used often in aggrevated assault or even murder of someone else's reality, construct of all things shining. Human nature is admist this truth. Within human nature, there are sparks of violence. Some can ignore the sparks while others turn theirs' into raging conflagrations. Serial killers, mass murders, spree killers, etc. are examples of human nature taking on a more bestial aspect.

Are we all not driven to survive? And, to survive is to fulfill one's needs. Maslow had it right, but he left out the darker side. He forgot:


And, I don't mean procreation. I mean the sweaty kind, pleasure driven. Yes, Maslow left that good ol'e one out. He forgot violence. The kind when the temper boils.

If a serial killer feels as though he has a "need" to kill, is he not trying to survive with the Hierarchy of Needs for his paticular personality? Killing becomes survival, quench the screaming beast.

Can a person learn to stop being hungry?
Can a serial killer learn to stop killing?

Can we reform human nature when society's bondage is not even tight enough? (Laws, morals..etc.)

In short, the question is: How do you rewire a killer? How do we change the truth?
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Airing out dirty laundry; or sniffing panties gone ripe. [06 Mar 2003|10:27am]

This community was founded for something other than mindless babble about the need to kill by twirps in black, eyelined up for the next dark trend. While I was busy going to school for subjects involving this community, something strange happened..people began posting! And, posting..crap. Really. Geezus.

Who said this was a devotion to teeny boppers who like death?

Ah, well. It can't be helped. My poor journal has been violated, right up the ass with something plastic and quite uncomfortable.

Note to self: Clean it up.

Why was this community founded? To examine, dissect. Much like Ed Gein, wear deviancy's skin with a sick thrill of getting closer to a side of human nature unleashed.

Please, refrain from using this as a community for "killing is cool!" babble. It isn't about fatal fantasies or violent fantasies, in general. It's about those who have done..not those who want to. Really, unless you have honestly done something completely and terribly heinous and vicious in the real world- save it for your own journal.

In short, someone slay me before I have to read anymore of this tripe. I'm not mean. I'm just..picky.

Oh, and by the way: I'm Di. And, from this point on: real posts will be popping up. Better find yourself a bomb shelter.
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But I do give a fuck [01 Feb 2003|11:04am]

I still want to fuck her
With a knife
Double edged
Flame dagger
Recently sharpened
Virgin steel
Tie her down
Ram it home
Snatch it out
Ram it home
Let the blood
Pool in my hand
Gag her with it
Ram her more
Don't kill her
Let her live
Sterilzed for life
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You won't leave the bitch alone, will you? [31 Jan 2003|09:06am]

So incredibly aggravating.
Not out of my system yet.

What's that for?
What did that mean?
Why did you do that?

Everything isn't fucking about you.

Sometimes, you aren't even a thought.

When I need you, speak.
When I have no use for you,

Explain this. Explain that.

As if you're privy to the meaning.
As if I'm privy to the meaning.

You make me hesitate.
You make me regret.
You make me wonder...
Why are you here?

Do not tease the wild animals.

The quiet one in the corner doesn't know how to behave.

As you'll plainly see.. oh, don't you? Well, open your eyes.

There are no bars between you and her.

She doesn't hesitate.
She doesn't regret.

[from my own journal]
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